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Home decor is often underestimated and postponed among the last things to do. Of course it is only after ultimating all details of furniture and accessories that we can make the most suitable choices for decorating interior walls with pictures or paintings in harmony with our own style.

In home staging and wall art area there are endless possibilities for choosing from posters, photographs, paintings, lithographs. Selecting the best, according personal style and taste, it’s often not easy but very important. The right choice will give that individual touch of home decor showing our personality as key factor for the final result.

quadri moderni, quadri per arredare, quadri su tela

My images, created with a mixed technique working with inks, brushes and macrophotography, can be a solution halfway between prints, both photographic or reproductions that can be found almost everywhere, and real paintings that obviously need a more substantial budget indeed.

A very interesting option is to evaluate the selected picture within your own ambient, by sending photos of the wall to be completed directly to my email address: I will virtually insert the image with a rendering to better evaluate its positioning in the ambient along with the style of the interior where will be placed.

quadri astratti, quadri moderni, quadri per arredare,
wall art, artwork, interior design
in the beginn giampiero turcati
quadri moderni, quadri per arredare, quadri su tela


I had been working for about 30 years in professional photography shifting from advertising to fashion, reportage and still life. I’ve had the opportunity to travel the world and make significative professional experiences, in particular in the USA.

Turcati Art and Photo, autore

I’ve always been passionate about art and architecture. My focus is always been on interior design and raw materials such as wood, stone, resin. Since then, I’ve thought how important is choosing pictures, prints or images for interior walls in order to give that special touch in style and personality. That’s why I’m so eager in creating images that can fit to home interiors.