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I had been working for about thirty years in professional photography shifting from advertising to fashion, reportage and still life. I’ve worked in architecture and interior design photography as well, in particular for some of the biggest Hotel networks in Europe. After having had the opportunity to travel the world and make significative professional experiences, in particular in the USA where I lived for a year in NY, I decided to focus my work on wall art and interior design, home decoration. I feel that’s one of the best way to express creativity. Also, I have always been passionate about Interior Design and loved raw materials such as wood, stone, resin. Since then, I have thought how important is choosing pictures, prints or images to give a special touch in style and personality.

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That’s why I’m so passionate in creating pictures for Home Decor. I’ve got a lot of different subjects for any kind of interior: just contact me for any information or suggestion. Lately I found out a new passion which is creating Swarovski® Animal Models such as Deers, Falcons, Leopards for Luxury Interiors. Firstly I design in 3D the model, and once approved by the customer I send it for the production to a reliable supplier in Tuscany, that will build a model made in polistyrene. The next step is the Swarovski® Crystals gluing one to one handmade by myself. A work of patience and passion but you can see the final astonishing result here  For any information you might need do not hesitate to contact me via email at:  check my videos by clicking the orange button on the left!

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