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Somebody said that architecture is the bones of a room, furniture is the heart, while Art is the soul. I think that Design and Wall Art world plainly represent the eclectic spirit of our time. Designers should second that needs and show the suggestions, enriching with fantasy and personality styles with no fear of taking paths outside the box.



Decorating a room is not just about the choice of furniture and colors, but also the art of creating a unique and personal atmosphere. In this context, designers play a fundamental role. Adding these elements to the walls of your home or office is not only an aesthetic question, but also a way to express your personality and artistic taste.

The use of colors in a material form, or diluted and combined with others has this purpose in Interior Design. It aims to communicate emotions and sensations with abstract forms to which the viewer can, in his personal imagination, give a sense or meaning of his own. You can have an idea in this page: https://www.turcati.com/home-english-artworks-on-canvas/artworks-on-canvas-limited-edition-prints-on-canvas-turcati-art-and-design/.



My artworks on canvas, created with a mixed technique using inks, brushes and macrophotography, can be an intermediate solution between prints, either photographic or reproductions that can be found on Ikea® or Amazon®, and real paintings but at a price very close to the firsts.

Modern artworks, with their bold shapes and colors, are perfect for those who want a contemporary look. These pictures can range from abstract works to geometric compositions, offering infinite possibilities of combination with the rest of the furniture. The versatility of modern artworks allows them to be easily adapted to different furnishing styles, from the minimalist to the more eccentric, making them an ideal choice for those who want to keep their space always in step with trends. No less fascinating are the single-color paintings, which with their simplicity and refinement can give a touch of elegance to any environment. Using a single shade, these paintings manage to create a harmonious and relaxing visual effect, perfect for those who want a calm and sophisticated environment. Single-color artworks can also be used to create interesting contrasts or to harmonize with the predominant colors of the room.

In these hard times we have learned how important is our home; it’s time to make some change and get rid of that old poster or picture we are tired to see since long time! Send me a picture of your interior and I will virtually add an artwork into the ambient for free 🙂

quadro su tela parete grigia locale bar
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The limited edition images are printed on 400 gr/mq canvas with the highest quality available on market and mounted on 3.5 cm thick wooden frames.
An excellent solution to contain shipping cost, in particular if you live far away from Italy, is ordering a wrapped canvas which will be sent in a safe hard cardboard roll in order to prevent any damage.

due poltrone tenda viola interno teatro

A very interesting option is to preview the artwork into your own ambient, by sending a photo of the wall in which you think the picture should be hanged directly to my email address  I will virtually insert the image with a rendering in order to better evaluate its positioning in the room along with the style of the ambience in which it would be placed. An excellent way to decide if you should have any indecision.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any further information you may need!