Home decor is often underestimated and delayed among the last things to do. Certainly it is only after refinishing all details of furniture and accessories that we can make the most suitable choices for artworks, either a picture or a painting in harmony with our own style.

In home staging and wall art fields there are endless possibilities for choosing starting from posters or photographs to paintings or lithographs. Selecting the best ones according our personal style and taste, it’s often not easy but very important indeed. The right choice will turn in a touch of creativity to show our personality and taste either in art and interior design.

Consigli per scegliere i quadri di casa

My artworks, created with a mixed technique working with inks, brushes and macrophotography, can be a solution halfway between prints, both photographic or reproductions that can be found almost everywhere, and real paintings that obviously need a more substantial budget.

A very interesting option is to watch the selected picture into your own ambient, by sending photos of the wall to be fitted directly to my email address: I will virtually insert the image with a rendering to better evaluate its positioning in the ambient, along with the style of the interior where it will be placed.

letto futon camera luminosa
quadro bianco e nero su parete scura in ambiente minimal design
bathroom design with a square picture
quadri per arredare la cucina
stampa su tela rosso corallo
diffusore Steinway con 2 pannelli neri
quadri moderni, quadri grandi dimensioni su tela
quadro su tela bianco e arancio
interno living bianco e marrone con quadro grande in tela